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3 Reasons To Hire A Printing Service That Uses The Four-Color Print Process

If it is time to have new marketing materials printed, consider hiring a printer service that uses a four-color printing process. A four-color printing process uses four basic colors (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) to create practically every shade imaginable. The printer places dots at various angles to reproduce the colors used by your materials. Check out a few reasons you should select a printing service that will print your products using a printer with the four-color process.

1. The Four-Color Process is Cost Effective

One of the main reasons to use a printing service that offers four-color process printing is that it is a cost-effective way to print your company's materials. When you need to print a large number of pieces, it is important to keep your costs under control. Four-color printing tends to be cheaper than printing materials with a toner-based printer.

It may seem like a small price difference is insignificant. However, assume that you need to have 1,000 fliers printed. Imagine that four-color process printing is $.05 cheaper for each flier. For the entire flier order, you will save $50. If you have new marketing materials printed multiple times each year, opting for a four-color printing process will save you a significant sum of money. 

2. Materials Printed with the Four-Color Process Have Vivid Hues

All of the savings in the world is worthless if your materials fail to do what you need them to do. The right marketing materials can help your campaign be a success.

You want your marketing materials to catch the eye of potential customers so that they receive the message you are trying to convey. Customers report that bright, vivid colors are instrumental in catching or holding their attention. The four-color process is a reliable option to ensure that your materials pop and attract your desired audience.

3. Four-Color Printers Can Print a Variety of Materials

Many marketing campaigns include a number of materials, such as fliers, brochures, mailers, and posters. When you order a print job that includes various types of materials, you want to make sure that the colors are uniform across the different items. You don't want the red hues in your brochures to have pink undertones if the red in your fliers has orange undertones. Having consistent hues helps your marketing materials appear professional, and it can also help with brand recognition. 

Since four-color printers are capable of printing multiple products, this means that you can order all of your materials from a single printing service. Placing such a large order may make you eligible for a discount or additional perks. For more information, contact a company that specializes in four-color process little AR.