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Three Ways To Get Your Pre-Printed Shipping Labels

At some point or other, you will need to return a defective or unwanted item that you ordered online. It is disappointing enough without finding out that you have to pay for return shipping. That is why so many online retailers are now covering the cost of return shipping. You will need to get pre-printed shipping labels from the company before you return your item(s). Here is how to get the labels if they don't send you pre printed shipping labels. 

Have the Company Mail You a Return Label

Some "e-tailers" will mail you a return pre-paid postage shipping label. There are even a few that will send you a new shipping box, too! When you receive the label or the label and the box in the mail, repack your item in the box, pull the new shipping label off the sticker sheet, and apply it to the box. (If the company sends you an empty box, apply the return label over the top of the label that was addressed to you on the box.) Seal the box up and return it via the requested shipping company.

Have the Company Email You a Label to Print

If you want to return the item sooner and get your refund faster, have the company email you a label. Then you can print this label off on your computer and printer at home or work. It will not have the sticky backing, but packing tape will suffice to keep the label on the box. 

Drop the Package off at a Shipper 

Finally, you can ask the e-tailer to send you a barcode. Take the barcode on your smartphone to the shipper mentioned. Give the shipper your package and show them the barcode. They will scan the barcode, print a shipping label from the information provided by the barcode, and place the label on your package. You pay nothing for this service, and the package is immediately entered into the shipper's system as ready for delivery. 

Because the barcode was sent by the e-tailer to whom you are returning the item, the minute the shipper enters the barcode in the system, the e-tailer returns your refund within a matter of hours to a couple of days. This often happens before the item ever returns to the company. You can purchase something else almost immediately, and you never have to wait for a shipping label because it was printed at the shippers.