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The Most Common Embroidery Mistakes

It is possible to fix many embroidery mistakes. However, the amount of time that needs to be spent correcting embroidery mistakes is long and it can be very aggravating. It is a much better idea to avoid them in the first place.

Choosing The Wrong Fabric

Make sure to use the correct type of fabric for your embroidery project. Think about the stitching and threads that you will be using. Then, choose a fabric that is compatible with that type of stitching. If you are going to be doing a lot of stitching, a flimsy fabric may not be suitable. Select a fabric that has a thread count that will provide you with a looser weave. For example, muslin, Aida, cotton, linen or flour sack are great options. If you will be quilting, always choose cotton. The looser weave will make it easier for the needle to pass through with the thread, which will make it less likely that you will make a mistake and be forced to make emergency repairs

Neglecting Your Needles

Make sure that you are using the right type of needle for the job in the first place. Conduct research into the different types of needles you can use to find the one that is designed to be perfect for knots and stitches you are trying to create. If you notice that your embroidery thread is fraying, consider using a different-sized needle. If your sewing machine needles are often bending or breaking, it is most likely that you are not pulling the pins out of the fabric soon enough before the needle sews that particular area. Also, consider purchasing needles that are of a better grade. The problem may also not be the needle itself. Your sewing machine may be breaking needles because it needs to be oiled. Oil the machine based on the manufacturer's guidelines.

Not Having A First Aid Plan

Be prepared for emergencies. If you do make a mistake with your embroidery, be calm and do not rush. The faster that you try to correct the mistakes that were made, the more likely that you will do even more damage. You will need to slowly and systematically correct the mistakes that were made. Do not pull out the hoop because you will have fewer options when making corrections. Your repair will most likely involve the removal of stitches and covering up areas that look less flawless.

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