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5 Ways to Add a Festive Holiday Touch to Rack Cards

The holiday season is a great time to reach out to consumers, tourists, and shoppers using rack cards. If you use rack cards on an annual basis, then you may want to consider seasonal cards that can be displayed anytime from September through January. The holiday themes on these cards can grab a person's attention and help increase your business. As you design the seasonal layout for rack card printing, there are five specific elements you can include to create the festive touch. 

Holiday Borders

An easy way to reflect the holiday season on your rack cards is with a holiday border. They can draw attention to the cards and help bring the focal point to the center of the card. When considering the holidays, there are a number of border options to choose from, such as holiday lights, presents, or a winter wonderland.

Letter Replacement

One of the main focal points on the visible part of your rack card is the business title. With a little creativity, you can replace some of the letters in your logo with a holiday symbol. These symbols will stand out and can help people see your business name.

  • Holiday Ornament: A holiday ornament works as a letter replacement for O, A or C.
  • Christmas Tree or Santa Hat: The pointed design of a tree or Santa hat works well on letters like A, M (two trees), and W.
  • Christmas Present: The boxy design of a present can be used to represent letters like N, D, and Z. A letter in your business title can also be placed over a present image.
  • Candy Cane: The curve of a candy cane is ideal like J, L, I and P letters in your business name.

Novelty Pictures

Showcasing images of your business is an important aspect of showcasing to consumers who pick up the rack cards. For the seasonal cards, you can add a little festive touch to the design. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you can have a picture of Santa Claus eating one of your signature menu items. If you run a tourist attraction like a petting zoo, you can feature animals in Christmas hats. If your business goes all out to decorate for the holidays, then feature photos with those decorations to help draw customers in.

Take time to choose pictures that showcase your business while still having a holiday element to them.

Holiday Coupons

The holidays are a great time to find deals and discounts at local businesses. Use your rack cards to get in on the mix and offer discounts to potential customers. When considering the coupons for the rack cards, it's a good idea to offer deals with far off or no expiration dates. This will allow you to use the same rack card for multiple seasons. If you print cards with expired coupons, make a note that the coupons and cards will need to get updated the following year.

Foil Printing

Between lights, wrapping paper, and tinsel, the holiday season is full of shiny and shimmering objects. The best way to match that type of design element is with foil printing. Also referred to as foil stamping, a metallic foil can be applied directly to your rack card. This is ideal for your business name or special holiday messages like "Merry Christmas!" and "Happy Holidays." When glimmering in the light, a foil printed rack card can draw extra attention from customers no matter where it is positioned in the rack.

Take your time to design a card that uses one or more of these elements. It can become a great holiday tradition that helps boost your business. For more design ideas, visit resources like