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5 Ways To Make Your Clothing Hang Tags Stand Out And Boost Sales

While you may not need custom hang tags for your first few runs of screen printed t-shirts or customized jeans, you definitely want to upgrade as soon as you can. Hang tags give you an extra space for explaining your brand's value proposition or sharing extra information that didn't fit on the tag inside the garment. If you use some of these five tricks for making the hang tag more noticeable, you may see a corresponding boost in sales too.

Stick with Stickers

Want your hang tag to stick around instead of getting thrown in the trash? Try ordering printed tags with a sticker cut into one side of the paper. Your buyers can peel off the artwork, prominently featuring your brand's name, and they will be reminded of your clothing every time they see the sticker again. This kind of upgrade raises the cost a bit for printing, but it greatly extends the marketing life of each tag.

Catch the Eye

Competing for attention in a busy store or crowded boutique? Make sure your hang tag stands out and catches the eye of shoppers. Try tactics like

  • Hanging the tag further down than usual, so it flutters below the other pieces on the rack
  • Working with bright artwork or choosing metallic paper and plastic
  • Ordering over-sized tags
  • Requesting textured effects like embossing or even burning the edges of the tag.

Don't forget about making the string holding the clothing a showy attention grabber too. Sparkly yarn, thin and tough tinsel, or even candy colored coated wire all make the tag more noticeable, therefore increasing the likelihood of selling your items when there is a lot of competition.

Show You Care

You should definitely outline any kind of eco-friendly features of your clothing on the hang tag, like recycled content or sustainable materials. Take the idea a step farther to really get attention from eco-conscious consumers by making the tag itself from recycled paper or polyester. You can even find tags with seeds embedded in the paper. Imagine how much of an impact each tag can make when your customers are planting them in their yards and enjoying months of beautiful flowers.

Include Instructions

While you may think your jacket is self-explanatory, other pieces of clothing like ties, scarves, and shawls often work in multiple ways. Hiring a designer to craft a few instructional graphics is a great way to encourage more sales. When a shopper flips over your hang tag and finds half a dozen suggestions on how to style a luxurious wrap, they are far more likely to actually take the piece to the register.

Offer Discounts

Finally, don't forget the power of a discount to make a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. The hang tag is an ideal place to stick a coupon, especially since it is the perfect size for going up on the refrigerator or tacked on a board so it's not forgotten. If you sell directly to your customers or only have a single retail location, printed details to make the tag a coupon work well. Try upgrading to a QR code that is easily scanned with a smart phone if you want your customers to request the discount, which allows you to collect more marketing information.

Before spending a cent on clothing hang tags from a custom printer, brainstorm at least one or two ways to make them marketing tools too. It is better to spend a little more on the design and printing if the tags produce more profit by increasing sales. Experiment with a few different designs at separate locations to see what customers find the most appealing. For more information, contact a company that specializes in commercial tags.