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Printed Sorority Shirts: The Difference Between Cotton And Ring-Spun Cotton

Experts believe approximately 9 million students across the country join a sorority or a fraternity each year. One of the main benefits of joining a sorority is feeling like you're a part of something, which is why it's important for all sorority sisters to represent their organization by wearing printed sorority shirts. If you're responsible for getting the shirts for your sorority, you have the responsibility of making sure your shirts stand out from all of the others. This involves choosing the right material. If your priority is on quality, ring-spun cotton printed sorority shirts are your best bet.

What Is Ring-Spun Cotton?

Ring-spun cotton and regular cotton are made from the same type of cotton fiber strands; however, the difference lies in the manufacturing process. Cotton fiber is obtained by twisting the strands of fiber from the seedpods of cotton plants. These cotton fibers become yarn for regular cotton. As you can see, the process for manufacturing regular cotton is quite simple and easy.

The ring-spun cotton manufacturing process, on the other hand, is a tad more complex. The spinning process for manufacturing ring-spun cotton takes much longer. The continuous twisting and turning produces longer cotton strands, which are softer to the touch, more compact and more durable. No added chemicals are required.

The quality of the ring-spun cotton will depend on the number of times the fiber has been twisted. The longer the fiber has been twisted, then the more compact the fibers become. In short, higher quality ring-spun cotton will have been twisted more. Look for a higher thread weight number for shirts with finer thread and a tighter weave.

Why Are Ring-Spun Printed Sorority Shirts Superior?

So, why should you go out of your way to find printed sorority shirts made from ring-spun cotton? The answer lies in the numerous benefits to be reaped. Ring-spun cotton is not significantly more expensive than regular cotton, but will offer advantages like:

  • Better durability. If your sorority loves to participate in outdoor sports, printed sorority shirts made from ring-spun cotton will last longer and better tolerate the elemental and environmental conditions present. These shirts can be worn year after year without having to be replaced.
  • Comfort. Your sorority sisters will want to have printed sorority shirts that are comfortable, so they can wear them regularly. Ring-spun cotton is soft to the touch and not likely to cause any irritation because all of the fibers run in the same direction.
  • Higher quality print. The compact fibers retain the printed design better, which means that the printed sorority shirts are less likely to fade even if the shirts are going through the wash multiple times.
  • Breathability. Ring-spun cotton is a much more breathable material than any other type of cotton out there. This means that air can easily circulate. This prevents allergic reactions from sweat that has been trapped in the fabric.
  • Perfect for the outdoors. Cotton conducts heat well, and ring-spun cotton conducts heat even better. This means that shirts made from ring-spun cotton will draw heat away from your skin to keep you cool even during the summer.


You want to be able to proudly represent your sorority. Printed sorority shirts are a great way of doing so. Don't embarrass your sisters by ordering shirts that are going to fade or get torn easily. Make sure that you take the time to consider the type of material that the shirt is made from because it makes a huge difference. Printed sorority shirts made from 100% ring-spun cotton are obviously superior in comparison to other materials, and worth considering. Check out companies like The Houndstooth Press about your sorority shirts.